Story behind the Name:

eight square studio a fusion of Eastern and Western philosophies, concepts and techniques.

The symbols behind the name:

In China 8 or has the auspicious meaning of “sudden fortune”, because it sound similar to the Mandarin word for fortune, prosperity or wealth. The Chinese travel in eight directions and refer to a person as eight, to say they are capable, have diverse capacity, and excel in all areas.

The square is a congregating place, acting as a focal point of important buildings and public cultural celebrations. The Chinese word for square sounds similar to the word for direction and the square is a symbol of no beginning no end (infintity), symbolising its unlimited flexibility to stretch and ability to master. Energy enclosed inside a square is not be wasted or damaged and when used is used to its full vigour.

Red is a colour of blessing, good luck, health, vigour, energy and passion, indicating someone audacious and robust. In China gifts are in red packets as an indication of the blessing inside.