radiant gallery

Jan 01, 2010

Having taken over the maintenance of the Radiant Gallery here is a description of the project.

The Gallery extension allows to manage galleries of images/videos/files using Radiant CMS.


  • Multiple nested galleries
  • Multiple upload
  • Import from ftp upload
  • Images/Files sorting by drag-n-drop
  • Automatic thumbnail generation for images after upload
  • Preview in lightwindow for images
  • Content fetching by keywords
  • Custom geometry for thumbnail generation


After installing radiant go to the radiant folder and check out the attachment_fu plugin under vendor/plugins and the radiant-gallery extension under the vendor/extensions folder.

cd /path/to/radiant
git clone git://github.com/technoweenie/attachment_fu.git vendor/plugins/attachment_fu
git clone git://github.com/hairballopolis/radiant-gallery.git vendor/extensions/gallery

In config/environment.rb add to the config.after_initialize block

  config.after_initialize do
    Radiant::Config["gallery.storage"] = "file_system"

Finally run the gallery install rake task

rake RAILS_ENV=production radiant:extensions:gallery:install

There is more information on the github radiant gallery project page

Posted by Thomas Cowell

Tags: rails